Back-to-School Memories: Brushing the teacher's hair

I had a really hard time starting first grade. I hated my teacher who – although she looked for all the world like Paula Abdul to me and was very chic – got my name wrong all the time and always asked us girls to brush her hair for her during class – weird! I also really missed my mom, and drew teardrops on my desk with a magic marker every day for the first week until they’d call my mom to pick me up early. – Liz

Bring a Group

Top 10 reasons to come with every girlfriend you know.

Dear Diary

Back-to-School Memories: Lemon Creme Pie

My mom always put a lot of thought into our back-to-school lunches, often tucking into the bag a nice little note about how much she loved me and a fun dessert. One day, on the first day of school, she packed me a little lemon creme pie. I was so excited. I took a big bite of it at the lunch tabl...
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