Bring a Group

Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of WomenTM is the perfect girls’ night out!  You can save BIG off single ticket prices when you bring a group to see Girls Only.  Some of our recent groups have been:
- best girlfriends
- co-workers
- daughters, mothers, cousins, aunts, grandmothers
- book clubs, bridge clubs, bingo clubs, bunco clubs
- bachelorette parties, baby showers and bridal showers
- female business clients
- mommy groups
- Red Hat Society
- Church groups

Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your 9 Favorite Ladies to Girls Only
1.   At least one person in your group will offer to buy you a drink for organizing the whole night out.
2.   If not, with the money you save on a group ticket, you can buy yourself a drink!
3.   When some of that drink comes out your nose because you are laughing too much, at least the people around you will be friendly faces.
4.   The more purses there are, the better chance that someone will have a tissue when you start crying from laughing too hard.
5.   You can volunteer one of your friends during the audience participation parts of the show, so that you aren’t the one in the spotlight (or vice versa!)
6.   Two hours laughing yourself silly with your girlfriends, not having to explain any of the jokes to the guys – doesn’t that sound like fun?
7.   Laughter in groups is contagious – don’t act like you don’t like to hear people snort.
8.   It’s kind of impossible to explain the Pantyhose Ballet to those who haven’t seen it, so you might as well bring your girls along so you don’t have to…
9.   How often do you really get an excuse to leave your husband at home?
10.   Head out for dinner before the show and not only do you have a great time, you get out of cooking for the night!

Need some fun group activities for your night out?  Check out our:
- Party games
- Girls Only playlist
- Girls Only drink recipes

Want to email your friends to organize your outing to Girls Only Visit our Tell A Friend page.